Hala Straight Up

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Smaller All-Around / Family Fun

10’ x 33” x 6” | Volume 311 L

The Rival Straight Up is the ideal choice for smaller recreational paddlers that want quality construction in an affordable setup. This popular and extremely lightweight Fusion Construction Straight-to-Water Package comes with everything you’ll need to get out on the water right out of the box!
The combination of wide 32” shoulders and progressive rocker gives this board a careful balance between stability and maneuverability.The Rival Straight Up is bound to inspire confidence from the moment you step on!

Based off our best selling Classic Straight Up board, this all-around board is aimed towards new SUP adventurers.
The progressive rocker creates a fun ride on any water. And being a tad narrower and shorter than the Rival Hoss, the smaller board size of the Rival Straight Up is ideal for those looking for a more maneuverable board.
It is also optimal for our smaller all-around riders. Fusion Construction™ makes this board extremely lightweight, durable, and easy to transport. And we take the preparation work out of it, offering all of our Rival Series boards in a straight-to-water package.
Grab the Rival Straight Up and get on the water.


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