Hala Hoss

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Larger All-Around / Family Fun

10’10” x 35” x 6”

The Rival Hoss is a great board choice for taller recreational paddlers that want quality construction in an affordable setup. This board is perfect for those who are looking to cruise around the lake with their dog or child sitting on the front, thanks to its high weight capacity and wide stability-enhancing outline. What’s more? This Straight-to-Water Package includes a carbon Rival B-Line travel paddle so you can get out on the water right away!

The Rival Hoss has been a favorite with recreational paddlers thanks to its forgiving stable design and versatile all-around shape. A progressive rocker makes this board a breeze to maneuver and a practical setup for beginner paddlers.
Four fixed 2.5” Side fins give you the peace of mind that you won’t lose your fins if your board drags on the shore or shallows, and a removable 8” flex center fin provides extra tracking to keep you going straight – even if the wind picks up.
Like all boards in our Rival Series, the Rival Hoss features extremely lightweight fusion construction. Weighing in at only 24 pounds, this board is super easy to handle when you are carrying it around on your own using the step-flat center handle!
The Rival Hoss is the perfect addition to your weekend of camping with the family or your after-work evening paddle.


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